“I was experiencing periods of overwhelm and needed support sorting through the tasks and planning how to manage my time and energy effectively. Ami supported me in breaking down the tasks into manageable chunks so that they seemed less daunting. Ami also helped me to explore what unconscious beliefs might be underlying the emotions I was feeling. Ami has a lovely energy while she coaches – she creates a safe and supportive space where I felt able to share and be held. Ami is supportive and kind. I’d be happy for her to work with my friends and family and would recommend her.”

Helen, UK

“Amrita put me at ease straight away as I was completely new to coaching. She was extremely professional at all times and really listened to me. She showed great empathy for my situation without losing sight of my session goals. Amrita made me feel really listened to and unjudged. She has a great knack for helping me see situations from a different perspective. I have found the process really useful and have achieved much more working with Amrita than I would have just trying things on my own. I highly recommend her as a coach and will be working with her again in the future.”


“Our coaching sessions have been extremely beneficial for me. You have very effective interpersonal skills which allowed me to speak freely as I would to an industry expert. Your ability to listen and recall paid real dividends as we seemed to get to the root of the issues and clarified goals quite quickly. Being a very logical and methodical thinker I was unsure how much progress could be made, but I must say I was very pleasantly surprised at the clarity gained during our sessions and steps taken to bring my goals into reach.  I would like to say a big ‘thank you so much’ for your time.”

Gary, London, UK

“I have been lucky enough to meet Ami through the Joyful Doctor coaching programme. Although she has only been my coach for a short time she has already been a great help, and is kind and supportive. Ami is easy to talk to and non-judgemental, about both career and personal difficulties. I would highly recommend her services.” 

Dr. Anon, UK

“Put simply, Ami’s coaching gets you where you want to go.  Her style is a blend of insight, empathy and challenge, always within a safe space that leaves you free to peel away the layers and get to that solution that has, up to that point, eluded you.  If you are facing blockages, feeling stuck, or just a little bit adrift, I can wholeheartedly recommend Ami as a coach who will help you to solve whatever it is that is holding you back. “

Anon, UK