A Wellbeing Expert, Positive Psychology Coach, And Portfolio GP With A Passion For People

Amrita is dedicated Wellbeing Expert, Positive Psychology Coach, and accomplished Portfolio GP. Specialising in Posttraumatic Growth and guiding high-functioning professionals through life transitions, Amrita fosters environments of psychological safety and individual curiosity for personal and team growth.

With a proven record in diverse sectors, including the NHS, finance, education, media, and more, Amrita achieves strong client engagement and exceptional results. As an EMCC Accredited Coach at the Senior Practitioner level, she aligns clients’ core values with their vision, focusing on Mental Fitness, Wellbeing and Empowerment.

Amrita, conducted groundbreaking research on Posttraumatic Growth in Doctors with Invisible Disability, published in the British Journal of Health Psychology. As Co-Chair of the Disabled Doctors Network and EDI Lead at The Joyful Doctor, she actively promotes equality and is a Disability Advocate.

A sought-after speaker, Amrita has shared her expertise on wellbeing and equality across platforms like BBC News, podcasts, webinars, and International Conferences. Join her journey toward enhanced wellbeing and positive transformation.

Selected Recent Clients:

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