Dr Amrita Sen MukherjeeYour Wellbeing Doctor

Welcome, I’m Amrita.

I am passionate about working with people and will work hard to support you to achieve your optimum Wellbeing.

My scientific, evidenced-based approach supports my working philosophy. I believe that Wellbeing is a unique feature to us as individuals – as unique and individual to us as our own fingerprints. As a trained GP and an accredited Coach, I am able to work with people from different walks of life, highly valuing diversity. I adapt my style to suit your individual or team needs.


Through my range of bespoke and tailored services, I am able to guide the development of your Wellbeing, supporting you in your journey. I offer:

– Individual and Group Coaching

– Group Facilitation

– Webinars

– Workshops

– Public Speaking, podcasts, article content, content creation

– Occupational Health Services

Coaching Services

I provide individiual and group coaching services.

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I advise on occupational health matters.

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Webinar & Workshop

I am a Wellbeing Expert and offer a range of services.

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