Individual / Group Coaching

Amrita is an EMCC Accredited Coach at Senior Practitioner level. She has a special interest in equality, diversity, & inclusion.

Webinars & Workshops

A wellbeing expert with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, Amrita speaks at seminars, workshops, and webinars.

Occupational Health

As a GP qualified in Occupational Medicine (DOccMed), Amrita offers services focusing on employee and workforce wellbeing and culture.

A Wellbeing expert & portfolio GP with a passion for people

Amrita is a passionate Wellbeing Expert and Portfolio GP, dedicated to supporting individuals and teams in achieving optimal Wellbeing and growth. With a focus on promoting healthier work-life practices, integration, and balance, Amrita has developed effective Wellbeing approaches and strategies. Her client engagement is exceptional, leading to successful outcomes and results.

Amrita holds an MSc (Dist) in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, and her research in Posttraumatic Growth has contributed to her expertise. As an EMCC Accredited Coach at the Senior Practitioner level, she helps clients align their core values with their future vision, particularly in the areas of Mental Fitness and Wellbeing. Her positive communication skills foster strong and lasting relationships with her clients.

Amrita is committed to fostering positive discussions on discrimination and marginalization. She actively challenges the current climate and advocates for equity in personal and professional settings. As the Co-Chair of the Disabled Doctors Network, she plays a crucial role in promoting equality and will assume the position of EDI Lead at The Joyful Doctor in 2022.

Recognized as an expert in her field, Amrita has been invited to speak on equality, diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing discussions across various platforms. She has made appearances on BBC News, participated in podcasts, webinars, panel discussions, and conferences. Amrita has also contributed to articles published in BMJ.

Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee
BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Management Studies
MSc (Dist) Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

Awards & Recognition

Platinum Volunteering Award

From University of East London for services during the pandemic, volunteering 250+ hours to colleagues through the ‘Wellbeing for PRUH’ scheme.

First5 Inspire Award

From Royal College of General Practitioners - ‘Highly Commended' for contribution to wellbeing during pandemic

Unsung Hero’ 2020

From GP Pulse Magazine

Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach, Researcher, Portfolio GP

Through my range of bespoke and tailored services, I am able to guide the development of your Wellbeing, supporting you in your journey.

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Coaching Services

I am an EMCC Accredited Coach to Senior Practitioner level.

I work with individuals and groups to support people in reaching their potential. My belief is that each individual’s wellbeing is as unique as their own fingerprint. I am passionate about working with clients to support them in achieving their optimum wellbeing, and help them to grow, thrive and flourish. I have a special interest in equality, diversity and inclusion.

I offer a complimentary 30 minute chemistry call which allows you and I to decide if we are a suitable match in working together.

I offer bespoke packages tailored to your specific needs.

Occupational Health Services

I am a Portfolio GP and have a postgraduate qualification in Occupation Medicine (DOccMed). I offer bespoke services in Occupational Medicine, specifically focusing on employee and workforce wellbeing and culture.

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