I am Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee, your Wellbeing Doctor

Hi, I’m Amrita.

I am passionate about working with people and will work hard to support you to achieve your optimum Wellbeing.

I believe that our own Wellbeing is as unique to us as our fingerprint and am able to adapt my style to suit your individual needs.

I have a positive energy and enjoy supporting people in aligning their values, identity, purpose and goals to thrive and flourish.

Through my range of services, I am able to guide the development of your Wellbeing thereby supporting you in your journey.


During the Covid-19 pandemic I have set up a voluntary initiative for all healthcare professionals working at Princess Royal University Hospital, Bromley.

Please visit www.wellbeingforpruh.com for more details.

My services are listed below. Please see the services section for more details.

One-TO-one Coaching Services

I provide one-to-one coaching services, click below for further details:


I advise on occupational health matters, click below for further details:


I am a trained acupuncture practitioner. Click below for details: