Invisible disability: Challenging bias to enable change | TEDxWarrington

Everyone has the potential to grow, thrive, and flourish, regardless of their visible – and invisible – abilities and our perceptions of these.


Dr. Amrita Sen Mukherjee, Co-Chair of the Disabled Doctors Network, challenges the frameworks and biases that society imposes. She invites you to consider the potential for change when we unmask the strengths and abilities of the marginalised. This is a journey of empowerment where invisible disabilities shatter conventional norms, and empathy unlocks a new-found understanding of the human experience. Discover how adversity can enable growth, strength and compassion, and allow personal stories to be re-written and celebrated. Amrita is a strong believer in enabling people to harness their potential to grow, thrive, and flourish. With a focus on promoting healthier work-life practices, she supports people through the cultivation of individualised, unique wellbeing strategies and has focused her research and work in fulfilling this passion.

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